what we do


Analysis and study of environmental integration

Analysis and diagrams of functions, mobility, etc.

Crono-programme, analysis of costs and maintenance

Tridimensional and visual study

Material, furniture and decoration studies

Supplier management

Follow-up of implementation and construction


Study of values and weaknesses

Analysis and study of environmental integration

Analysis and diagrams of functions, mobility, etc.

Análisis GIS (geographic information system)

Detailed scheduling, analysis of costs and maintenance

Tridimensional and visual study

General and technical plans 

Follow-up of implementation and construction



Brand strategy

Targeting and positioning

Communication planning

Brand Look & Feel

Art direction

Graphic and digital design

Environmental graphic an signage

we are focused on


The vast experience of our members links the effort and visions of a multidisciplinary teamwork, combining creativity with a rigorous method and strategic thinking. As a team the aim is to work in unison to achieve the goals set out at the very beginning. Structured workflow enables optimization, quick turnaround, and rapid implementation; results from incorporating this practice methodology and philosophy into the project delivery ensure long-term success for all parties involved.

Our goals: commitment and common purpose, performance goals, complementary skills and mutual responsibility.


Landscape and urban design. We are committed to sustainable design and to maximizing positive environmental impact, while exploring the project’s opportunities and constraints.

Architecture design. We believe that architecture as a metabolic system is functional to the site. Our rigorous design process focuses on how interior spaces are connected to the surrounding environment.

Landscape charters. The deep knowledge of natural processes linked to the dynamics of urban environments is fundamental for a balanced landscape.


Strenghtening of brand. From a global and strategic vision, we work to enhance expression and values of the brand, through efficient, functional and cost-effective solutions.

Environmental corporate image. We crate spaces that connect and inspire where the brand meet our its customers.

Interior design. We desing interior design projects that represent the brand values and, at the same time, optimize the contrac market opportunities.


The customer is the protagonist. We design multi-sensory spaces focused on the customers and creating comfortable, exciting and unique experiences.

Consistency and continuity. By our global and multy-disciplanary vision we are able to project a continuous indoor and outdoor costumers experience.

Theming. From the brand strategy we crate theming spaces by a accurate foniture and decoration election.

where we are

Carrer de Mallorca 100 bajos, 08029 Barcelona - Spain
+34 666.136.731